Some long, some short, thoughts, observations, etc.

Dumbphones are not inherently more secure because they’re “low tech”

Dumbphones are not inherently “safer” than smart phones for being “lower” tech. The opposite, in fact. SMS is not private at all. Everyone from the carrier to feds get to take a peak at the data/metadata and even silently censor messages. Same for phone call metadata.

SMS bad

Carriers censor SMS and your texts are not encrypted AT ALL.

I’m mad at Venmo

Venmo is requiring customers send in a binding arbitration opt-out notice by mail. They won’t let you do it over email or by phone (I’ve tried).

Crypto is not an investment

I’m disappointed in how many people view cryptocurrency as an investment and something to make money off of when the real benefit it provides is far more valuable.

The first beings to travel to space were dogs

We put them there though so we’re still the dominant species. Poor dog though. It died alone, confused, and scared.


Splenda (as most other powdered sucralose products) contains 95% (by volume) bulking agents dextrose and maltodextrin.

You don’t need a “gap year”

Gap years are a scam.

Weddings are too complicated

Weddings are too complicated now. I have to go to a wedding this summer at some hotel in the city and be an usher or something.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

I want to invest my crypto like how I invest USD in stocks.

Monero/privacy coins are cool

Monero is the only cryptocurrency that’s worthwhile. A publicly query-able blockchain is against the spirit of cryptocurrency.

Stop buying Peloton bikes

Why does everyone keep buying Peloton bikes? They’re stupid, stop doing that.

Wish I was a lizard

Lizard’s don’t worry about life. They worry about death. Humans worry about death. Lizards don’t worry about death in the same existential dread way that humans worry about death.

Seek and ye shall find in the Junk Drawer

As a young kid I spent a lot of time at my great grandparents house where I was frequently left to my own devices for entertaining myself. When I wasn’t catching frogs at the local creek in the summer or building snow forts in the winter, I spent time indoors building toys for myself with whatever I could find around the house.

The School of Athens 2021

The thing I miss most about college is being surrounded by well educated people my age. It was a whole city of interesting people who did things. Everyone had an abundance of free time to pursue their interests and learn and socialize with other people who shared those interests, no matter how obscure the interest.

It’s weird that other people exist

It’s weird to think that Japan exists right now and the people are still doing the things they’d normally do even though I’m not there.

You are not your politics

Political opinions should not be constituent to one’s personality. Some people use their political opinions to define their personality/persona. People will introduce themselves as being a “progressive” or a “leftist” like it’s their damn MBTI + horoscope. No. You being a “leftist” is a way to describe your philosophical beliefs about government and society. Not some personality type indicator.

Anti-social behavior in young people will not be tolerated

Anti-social behavior has been a key factor in the diagnoses of many mental health disorders in young people. Kids don’t want to watch math videos on the internet anymore because other content is more satiating to the monkey brain.