Stop buying Peloton bikes


Why does everyone keep buying Peloton bikes? They’re stupid, stop doing that.

Peloton is dum

A year ago no one knew what a Peloton bike was but now I see them being advertised everywhere and everyone thinks they’re great for some reason. I heard about them from multiple sources online and in person around the same time. It weirded me out that this kept happening and I thought it might have been an instance of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, but it turns out that Peloton is just extremely aggressive with their advertising campaigns, which is why I kept hearing about it. Having seen their ads, I am convinced that Peloton is an advertising company first, exercise equipment second.

Celebrity endorsements appeals to emotion, appeals to vanity, etc… I think Peloton relies on this form of marketing in order to make up for the fact that they are charging $2,000 for what is ultimately an indoor bike and a very heavy monthly membership fee.

Let’s be clear for a moment, it is a $2,500 stationary bike that goes nowhere.

Yes, I understand the appeal of a stationary bike (convenience, pacing, tighter control of variables, etc.), but riding outside is the more fun option. “But it’s winter” you say. Just get a trainer. Seriously, for the same amount of money as a Peloton you could buy a really nice bike that can still take you places, and with the money you’ll still have left over, you can buy a trainer so you can still bike in the safety and privacy of your own home (if you’re in to that).

I could never bear the thought of purchasing a bicycle for $3,000+ that can’t go anywhere.

Peloton is not a stationary bike company, they are:

While I am a believer in spending money on hobbies because that’s where our true interests lie and engaging ourselves in the things that interest us is virtuous, ultimately money won’t buy happiness and Peloton can’t guarantee inner contentment.

I am not a moral authority (on most things) nor am I a gatekeeper of what exercise bike is best, but these are just my thoughts.