“No one really knows what they’re doing” is not a comforting sentiment


When people say, “No one really knows what they’re doing and everyone is just winging it” the intention is to quell one’s insecurities by assuring themselves that they’re not the only ones who don’t have everything figured out.

But that doesn’t make me feel better, that makes me feel worse. I want to know that there are people who do have things figured out and know what they’re doing so I can learn from their mistakes.

Your parents and grandparents, for example. From the ages of 0-18 is vitally important for you to completely trust that they have everything under control.

The realization that your parents are just humans like you and have their own insecurities and worries is one of the saddest coming of age realizations you can have. Young children need to be able to trust that their parents have things figured out and are a good source of advice.